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Avoid failure when planning and executing your next shutdown, turnaround, outage (STO) or TAR event using a proven industry workflow.

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Increase tool time with proven software, that will help you plan and execute your next STO

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iPlanSTO is simple to use and enables you to scope, plan, estimate, sign, approve, schedule, capture progress, and record the time and learning of all your STOs.

The best part is, you can save 89% of the cost of planning a work order next time on a piece of equipment you have previously serviced.

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A proven STO methodology

Join a user base that includes, among others, Shell, PTTGC, Altrad, INEOS, CF Industries, DIAB, Kaefer, SABIC, and Sadara Chemicals and share the benefit of their maintenance learning through features we designed and built in the software to assist them and you!

iPlanSTO follows industry-recognized best practice methodology for the performance of successful STOs. If formal methodology processes aren’t in place, people tend to take shortcuts, best practices and lessons learned get lost, and, more importantly, key steps or procedures can get skipped completely. iPlanSTO provides the capability and visibility supporting the following:

• STO Definition and Scope
• Preparation, Organization, Planning
• Execution
• Startup and Turnover
• Evaluation

iPlanSTO has the power to implement best practice methodologies with the flexibility to align to your culture and corporate policy and methods.

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Increase tool time / wrench time

With everyone involved in your STO using the same piece of software, you standardize your STO / TAR methodology, ensuring all personnel involved in your next STO are scoping, planning, estimating, and delivering work in the same way, and you have a true picture of your STO planning and execution status.

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Mobile app, that works offline, at no extra license cost

iPlanSTO comes with an onsite mobile app (iPlanMobile to capture scope when planning your event and capture live progress when executing your shutdown.

Unlike our competitors, our mobile app comes at no extra cost to your iPlanSTO license and runs on all current operating systems and browsers, so you can continue to use your existing smartphones or tablets, saving you further investment.

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iPlanSTO can be interfaced with SAP, Maximo, IFS, Dynamics, Oracle, 4PS, and other Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), CMMS, or ERP solutions to receive work order details. From that point on, your personnel do not have to interface with your ERP: they can do everything they need to do in iPlan, and iPlan will automatically update your ERP through a rule base we agree on together prior to going live.

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Norms based estimation

iPlanSTO is loaded with the following norms for activity duration estimation:

  • Electrical
  • Fabrication
  • Instrumentation
  • Insulation
  • Mechanical
  • Mechanical Structural Fabric Maintenance
  • Painting
  • Scaffold
  • Valve Overhaul

As well as the ability for you to modify or add your own norms!

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Transparent Pricing, Increased Value

We believe in transparency and building trust from day one. This is why we show pricing information for all products on our site. We don’t make up the price based on what we think you can afford - the software price is the same for all organizations in the iPlan community.

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The iPlanSTO Completions Module allows you to easily manage all activities between maintenance reinstatement and commissioning – including hold points, punch lists, and process system readiness. Plant startup requires the effective combination of qualified personnel, testing equipment, and fully validated systems. Plant reinstatement is a critical point for restarting your plant successfully and on time.

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A PROVEN workflow designed to increase productivity and avoid delaying your plant startup

See how iPlan works

Features perfected by delivering hundreds of STOs

iPlanSTO is packed with features specifically designed to support plant shutdown processes. We’ve perfected these over almost 20 years by managing the software’s usage on hundreds of STOs.

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Improve the productivity of your technicians onsite

iPlanSTO enables you to measure the productivity ratio of all personnel delivering your STO. Only once you know your productivity can you begin to improve it.

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No internet required onsite to capture scope and progress of work

iPlanSTO comes with an onsite mobile app that allows you to capture scope when planning your event and capture live progress when executing your shutdown.

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Supporting the best names in industry

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iPlanSTO is as capable as STO / maintenance software from Engica, Impact, Hexagon, mpower, Prometheus Group, STOlogix, Roser ConSys, STO Control, and Ultimo. Unlike our competitors, we are happy to advertise our software prices. Please see below.

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iPlan STO Pricing

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Unlimited number of users per license Annual license cost Per location Discount applied per site For multi-license purchase Total
1 location/site $99k - $99k
2 locations/sites $94k 5% $188k
3 locations/sites $89k 10% $267k
4 locations/sites $84k 15% $337k
5+ locations/sites $79k 20% $396k
Individual user license Annual license cost Discount applied per site For multi-license purchase Total
1 individual license $33k - $33k
2 individual license $31k 5% $62k
3 individual license $30k 10% $90k
4 individual license $28k 15% $112k
5+ individual license $27k 20% $135k

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Need software to manage both your maintenance and shutdowns?

iPlanUltimate : iPlanSTO + iPlanMAINTAIN

Combining 20 years of managing hundreds of STOs with software benefits perfected by delivering 30 million-plus hours of maintenance work orders, we have learned from and contributed to a best practice cooperative.

This includes Shell, PTTGC, ALTRAD, INEOS, CF Industries, DIAB Engineering, Essar, Kaefer, SABIC, Sadara Chemicals, and SBM Offshore and many more.