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Scope, plan, schedule and execute all Shutdown Turnaround Outage to improve the outcome of your next event

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Determine your optimum STO worklist


Accurately estimate activity duration & resources


Bi-directional data that works!

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Scope, plan, schedule and execute all Shutdown Turnaround Outage to improve the outcome of your next event

iPlanSTO is packed with features specifically designed to support plant shutdown processes — perfected by delivering hundreds of STOs.

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Typically there’s multiple sources of data for your turnaround work list, ERP work orders, Maintenance Orders, Excel, etc. We recommend clients analyse this data before adding it to their work list. Scoping is therefore a stage gate where users can check and challenge the job before adding it to their work list.


Save up to 89% of the cost of planning a work order on previously planned equipment. You can capture planning scope and detailed planning scope either remotely from site, in an office, OR onsite, and offline using our mobile app.

Electronic scope and estimate approval

Electronic scope and estimate approval is critical for ensuring work management efficiency and meeting reliability goals. Have work order estimates and bills of materials peer reviewed and approved in iPlanSTO to eradicate unapproved work.

Build work packs

iPlan contains a comprehensive work pack design, editor and library manager. Create unlimited work pack templates to publish your activities into a work pack template, you can create multiple templates for your event, or use the same one for all work orders.

Capture & monitor progress

You can capture progress, time and expenditure in iPlan desktop or out in the field using iPlanMobile. You can also monitor your progress in real time using iPlan’s dashboards and reports.

Reuse planning data

iPlan enables you to quickly and easily copy operations over from existing work orders. We would recommend creating a library of operation templates, which is just another way in which iPlan can help you to improve your planning efficiency


The QA / QC (completions) module enables your commissioning manager to see the current real time picture of progress of your quality assurance, understanding system readiness without the time lag and cost of collating the information and presenting it in a report.

Materials Management

Capture material services, produce a material take off report at the click of a button and use the flange management feature to automatically populate your BOM. There are also various tools within the software to help with your materials traceability.

Populate your P6 Schedule

iPlanSTO Generates all of the necessary planning data to populate your P6 Schedule - iPlan can generate XML, structured to target your version of P6, ensuring activities, resources, durations, start dates, finish dates & logic links are loaded in to your P6 Project file.

J-Factor (Justification Factor)

This is a methodology available during Scoping, to calculate the impact of a piece of equipment failing if it is not repaired or upgraded during the current event, versus the cost of maintenance during this period.


iPlanSTO has dashboards for Planning, Execution, Materials Management, Maintenance KPI’s and more. They can be used to monitor work pack production progress, emergent work, non-productive time, earned value, as well as S-Curves to forecast remaining effort & cost.

Joint integrity management

The inventory of joints is permanently stored, so that their history can be tracked and each joint linked back to any agreed piping specification.

Scaffold Management

iPlanSTO enables you to estimate, hire, inspect and manage scaffold equipment and structures, sharing data in real-time, with all users.

6.25k Per month
  • x4.5 Return on investment
  • Unlimited users
  • 24/7 Support

Avoid disaster planning & executing — while enjoying a x4.5 ROI

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Manage all Shutdown - Turnaround - Outage, key stages in one system

including, job scoping, job stepping, estimation management (incl. norms), materials ordering, variation control, progress capture, time recording, right through to QA / QC, close out notes and learning.

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Increase tool time & standardise estimation

iPlan uses industry norms, to ensure that all personnel involved in your STO are estimating planned effort, for common maintenance activity types, using the same effort estimation basis.

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Market standard STO workflow

iPlanSTO has a market standard STO workflow available out of the box; however it can also be configured to align with your existing STO process.

…and more

“iPlan is really user friendly which is essential for our tradesman on the work-front.”

DIAB Engineering

Measure productivity ratios

Measure the productivity of all personnel delivering your STO, because only when you measure your productivity, can you begin to improve it.

Role Based Authentication

This will be set-up prior to the software going live and can then be administered post go live by either IAMTech or your own administration team. You have the ability to specify access rights for whole teams or locations.

Integrate iPlan with your systems easily

iPlan is not intended to replace your ERP system, instead, it has the ability to communicate with your existing ERP (e.g. SAP, Maximo, IFS) plus your scheduling tool (Primavera P6 or MS Project) on a bi-directional basis.

Improve team coopereration

We don’t limit the number of users who can access the software, enabling you to have everyone work on your STO in the same software system, including your third-party contractors!

Transparent Pricing

We price our software lower than our competitors and unlike them, we display our pricing on our website to create trust through transparency.

No user limits

Why license per seat when you can license your STO, your entire site, or your entire company? We don’t limit the number of users who can access the software, enabling you to have everyone work on your STO in the same software system, including your third-party contractors!

A full revision history and audit trail

Data entries, amendments and emergent work is logged with a comprehensive revision history, preventing a blame culture.

Access to premium 24/7 year round support

Call our help desk, email us, or message our dedicated support team from within the software. There is also a help function within iPlan where you can get help with common help topics.

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Determine optimum scope in Turnaround worklist

The Monte Carlo Risk Simulator enables you to evaluate by mathematical simulation, if your Turnaround scope is achievable, within the man-hours budgeted. Save wasting planner hours estimating in detail, work that is later de-scoped from your TA.

Norms-based estimation

Estimate the duration of shutdown activities, without having to be a plant engineer or experienced planner. iPlanSTO is loaded with the following norms for estimation of activity durations;

  • Electrical
  • Fabrication
  • Instrumentation
  • Insulation
  • Mechanical
  • Painting
  • Mechanical Structural
  • Fabric Maintenance
  • Scaffold
  • Valve Overhaul
  • Your own norms
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Bi-directional P6 data

Generate all of the necessary planning data to populate your P6 Schedule - iPlan can generate XML, structured to target your version of Oracles Primavera P6 Software, ensuring activities, resources, durations, start dates, finish dates, logic links are loaded into your P6 Project file, saving schedulers having to build their P6 project file and schedule manually from your planning data.

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No internet, no problem

iPlanSTO comes with an onsite mobile app, that works offline at no extra license cost, to capture scope during the planning phase of your event, and live progress during the execution. Any data changes made, including any photos taken whilst on site and their annotations, are recorded on the device and pushed to the main iPlan database when the next sync takes place.

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iPlanSTO is as capable as STO / Maintenance software from Prometheus Group, Cleopatra STOControl, Toadfly and Mobideo. Unlike our competitors, we are happy to advertise our software prices, please see below.

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iPlan STO Pricing

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Unlimited number of users per license Annual license cost Per location Discount applied per site For multi-license purchase Total
1 location/site $99k - $99k
2 locations/sites $94k 5% $188k
3 locations/sites $89k 10% $267k
4 locations/sites $84k 15% $337k
5+ locations/sites $79k 20% $396k
Individual user license Annual license cost Discount applied per site For multi-license purchase Total
1 individual license $33k - $33k
2 individual license $31k 5% $62k
3 individual license $30k 10% $90k
4 individual license $28k 15% $112k
5+ individual license $27k 20% $135k

Seamlessly plan and execute your next Shutdown Turnaround Outage

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