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Avoid process failure when planning and executing your routine maintenance.

iPlanMAINTAIN aids in the management of your routine maintenance with a proven industry workflow developed with leading asset-intensive industry leaders.

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Increase productivity, planning and execution efficiency with iPlanMAINTAIN!

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iPlanMaintain is simple to use and enables you to scope, plan, estimate, sign approve, capture progress, record time, and perform maintenance and KPI tracking.

The best part is you can save 8/10 of the cost of planning a work order next time for equipment you have previously serviced.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), and Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) often lack features required for the planning process.

iPlanMaintain closes this gap, providing the functionality and visibility needed to perform effective plant maintenance.

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A proven maintenance management solution

Join a user base that includes, among others, Shell, PTTGC, Altrad, INEOS, CF Industries, DIAB, Kaefer, SABIC, and Sadara Chemicals and share the benefit of their maintenance learning through features we designed and built in the software to assist them and you!

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Increase productivity, planning and execution efficiency, visibility, and critical asset reliability

With staff, internal maintenance team members, and contractors involved in your maintenance using the same piece of software, you standardize your maintenance methodology, ensuring all personnel involved in your plant’s maintenance process are scoping, planning, estimating, and delivering work in the same way. This ensures a true baseline, where all jobs / work orders are estimated and executed to the same rule base, enabling you to trust the measure and drive improvement using industry-recognized plant maintenance key performance indicators (KPIs).

Drive productivity with a mobile app that works offline, included free with your license

iPlanMAINTAIN comes with an onsite mobile app (iPlanMOBILE) to capture scope when planning your maintenance orders, emergency repairs, and capital projects including capturing progress and manhours when executing the work order activities. Unlike our competitors, our mobile app comes at no extra cost to your iPlanMAINTAIN license and runs on all current operating systems and browsers, so you can continue to use your existing smartphones or tablets, saving you further investment.

Integration - untap locked value

iPlanMAINTAIN can be interfaced with SAP, Maximo, IFS, Dynamics, Oracle, 4PS, and other ERP, EAM, and CMMS solutions to receive work order details, allowing a single source of truth and planning data ownership. Personnel do not have to interface with multiple systems: they can do everything they need to do in iPlan enabled by automatic updates designed for your business. This often reduces the cost of ERP, EAM, and/or CMMS licenses needed on computers and mobile smart devices to get data in and out of the plant!

Norms based estimation

iPlanMAINTAIN is loaded with the following editable norms for activity duration estimation.

  • Electrical
  • Fabrication
  • Instrumentation
  • Insulation
  • Mechanical
  • Mechanical Structural
  • Fabric Maintenance
  • Painting
  • Scaffold
  • Valve Overhaul

Use the editable norms or load your specific contract values - the choice is yours!

Transparent pricing, increased value

We believe in transparency and building trust from day one. This is why we show pricing information for all products on our site. We don’t make up the price based on what we think you can afford - the software price is the same for all organizations in the iPlan community.

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A PROVEN workflow designed to increase productivity, reduce maintenance costs, and boost asset performance reliability and visibility during normal operations

Well-performing plants focus their maintenance spend on preventive, predictive, and potentially prescriptive maintenance, with approximately 30% on corrective issues. Some of these are performed while the plant is operating, and others, in combination with other capital projects, are done while the plant is shut down. A planning process enabled by powerful solutions is needed to meet the company's safety, reliability, operation, and financial requirements.

The process, which, when implemented, is aligned to the culture, methods, and processes of each client, is illustrated below

Features perfected by delivering 30 million-plus hours of maintenance work orders

iPlanMAINTAIN is packed with features specifically designed to support plant maintenance processes. We’ve perfected these over almost 20 years by managing the software’s usage across many sites, with over a million work orders planned and executed.

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Improve your technicians’ productivity onsite

iPlanMAINTAIN enables you to measure the productivity ratio of all personnel delivering your maintenance work order. This information allows you to identify ways to increase productivity and efficiency.

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No internet required onsite to capture scope and progress of work

iPlanMAINTAIN comes with an onsite mobile app that allows you to capture scope when planning your maintenance work orders as well as live progress when capturing your progress, manhours, and costs.

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Supporting the best names in industry

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iPlanMAINTAIN is as capable as maintenance software from Ultimo, Fiix, MAPCON, PEMAC, FastMaint, eMaint, STO Planner (Prometheus), and STOplanner (KAP). Unlike our competitors, we are happy to advertise our software prices. Please see below.

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iPlan MAINTAIN Pricing

Unlimited number of users per license Annual license cost Per location Discount applied per site For multi-license purchase Total
1 location/site $99k - $99k
2 locations/sites $94k 5% $188k
3 locations/sites $89k 10% $267k
4 locations/sites $84k 15% $337k
5+ locations/sites $79k 20% $396k
Individual user license Annual license cost Discount applied per site For multi-license purchase Total
1 individual license $33k - $33k
2 individual license $31k 5% $62k
3 individual license $30k 10% $90k
4 individual license $28k 15% $112k
5+ individual license $27k 20% $135k

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Need software to manage both your maintenance and shutdowns?

iPlanUltimate : iPlanSTO + iPlan MAINTAIN

Combining 20 years of managing hundreds of STOs with software benefits perfected by delivering 30 million-plus hours of maintenance work orders, we have learned from and contributed to a best practice cooperative.

This includes Shell, PTTGC, ALTRAD, INEOS, CF Industries, DIAB Engineering, Essar, Kaefer, SABIC, Sadara Chemicals, and SBM Offshore and many more.

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