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ALTRAD Services (UK)

ALTRAD Service’s grew from the acquisition of CAPE, NSG & Hertel, all skilled, high quality service delivery businesses, but all running their own individual processes and systems.

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The Brief

To sustain each business’s individual quality, post acquisition and amalgamation, we had to merge the best practices and systems for each organisation – into one!

This required us to transition to one ERP, which has proven excellent as the backbone to Procurement, HR, Logistics, Bid Management etc. – but as we were identifying our ERP, we knew we would need something even more laser guided to standardise our operational process at site level, and be so easy to use it would ensure successful adoption across such a large number of client sites – in iPlan we found the means to achieve our vision!”

Goal ALTRAD took the decision to standardise their approach to scoping, estimation and execution of work, across 100+ sites in the UK. ALTRAD hoped to achieve this via their ERP, but it was too complex to be used by operational personnel (approx. 75% of their workforce) at site level, and too costly to licence for over 4800 users – the solution they chose instead - iPlan

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The Solution

Through the technologies we have chosen, we’re future-proofing our business and aligning our operations to the current market trends. Altrad’s new expanded offer delivers an enhanced, innovative service - catering for every business in the oil, gas and chemicals industries, no matter what the size or requirement.

IAMTech’s people understand our business and are most in tune to why software changes are needed to match workflow. Overall the best fit as our partner

Tony Jester, Altrad Services

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