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Our Asbestos solution has been developed with an oil and gas supermajor to enable comprehensive asbestos control and compliance within the energy, oil, gas, and chemical industries.

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Asbestos Management Software

Our Asbestos solution allows management of all aspects of asbestos control including:

  • Surveying
  • Sample gathering
  • Certification
  • Risk assessment scoring
  • Remedial action planning

This is all possible from one easy-to-use system. Asbestos will ensure you remain compliant with HSG 264 and the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (second edition) published in 2013.

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Better compliance management

In an environment where it is vital to demonstrate conformity with standards for asbestos management within premises and assets, our software offers a secure online data facility to store and manage compliance data, photographs, risk assessments, analysis documentation, and historical data for improved compliance management.

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Improve Safety

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Our Asbestos software solution allows asset owners to manage asbestos information for all areas of their premises and assets (buildings, process areas, and off-sites). Our software reduces the risk of exposure to staff and contract personnel.

Access can be given on an administration or read-only basis (via a secure username and password) to permit issuers, team leaders and other stakeholders. This allows those responsible the necessary access to input and modify asbestos data while restricting those that only need to read asbestos data, company management plans, and the latest health and safety information.

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Deliver Best Practice

Our software makes it easy for asbestos coordinators to input asbestos data within simple-to-use forms that comply with the latest health and safety standards ("Control of Asbestos" Regulations 2012 (second edition) and "HSG 264" - 2012. This allows asset owners to prove that they are effectively managing asbestos in the workplace

Our Asbestos solution is an innovative, simple-to-use management system that improves asbestos management and facilitates full compliance with the latest HSE guidelines and approved codes of practice. Our software is a means of managing and reducing your asbestos footprint.

Available from any internet-accessible device, Asbestos allows all responsible personnel to fulfil their role in the safe management of this hazardous material.

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IAMAsbestos Pricing

Small $11.7k (Per annum)
Medium $32.5k (Per annum)
Large $63.7k (Per annum)
Create asbestos surveys
Perform occupancy risk assessment
Perform material risk assessment
Produce Asbestos Survey reports
Asbestos management dashboard
On-screen training tutorial
Email notifications to drive survey process -
Locate your survey on Google Maps -
Active Directory integration - -
Inclusive: Option to have software deployed to client’s data centre - -
Maximum number of users (who log in to access the software) 100 500 1500
Maximum number of survey types 15 20 Unlimited
Phone support tickets (per year) 60 120 Unlimited
Email support tickets (per year) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
FREE design & build additional surveys 1 5 10
FREE design & build additional dashboard widgets 1 5 10
Training courses (per online course - maximum 10 students per course) $1600 $1600 $1600

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