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  • Storage Tank
  • Bund/Dyke
  • Spill
  • Jet
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Understand how fire impacts your industrial assets

By providing a Google Maps view of the relative location of resources and existing infrastructure, IAMThermal lets you visualize an industrial fire incident.

Calculators are provided to help with the determination of incident impact and resource deployment requirements. These tools allow you to adjust the magnitude of the incident, calculate the total risk and identify the required equipment and infrastructure.

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Emergency Pre-planning

Ideal for use in a classroom setting, Thermal facilitates the development of emergency pre-plans, assists in desktop exercises and familiarises new recruits with the geographic features of any location, from a storage tank to an entire facility.

Emergency Response

Designed to be accessed in incident control rooms, emergency control centers, fire engines, and command vehicles, Thermal provides decision makers and response personnel with key information to support thermal decisions.

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Sharing & Standardization of Knowledge

Users can save their scenario and share it with others in the same organization, allowing them to contribute to optimal responses to thermal emergencies.

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Model a fire on Google Earth

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In just seconds, locate your assets on Google Maps and determine:

Thermal radiation contours at ground level, to know the impact on personnel

The fire source height understand the result of radiation on surrounding plant equipment

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Single User Site License
IAMDispersion $5.2k $10.2k
IAMThermal $5.2k $10.2k
Both Titles $7.8k $15.5k

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