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With Dispersion, emergency planners, emergency responders and SHE/HSE managers can quickly model chemical gas releases in the atmosphere with our dispersion software.

This includes liquid pool/spill evaporation and gas releases from a continuous pressure source and instantaneous mechanical failures.

These releases are layered on top of Google Earth to determine the impact on site personnel and surrounding population centres.

You can use Dispersion to model and analyze your worst credible industrial chemical release sources, in context, over satellite imagery of your assets and the surrounding area.

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Understand the impact of chemical release on personnel, assets and population centers.

Using a Google Maps view of your assets' location and chemical release source, Dispersion allows you to visualise how an industrial chemical release disperses in the atmosphere.

Dispersion supports emergency response or planning situations, where the goal is to assess the threat posed to plant personnel and the general public by a chemical release.

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Supporting emergency management

Dispersion can be accessed in emergency control rooms, fire engines, and command vehicles. Decision makers and response personnel are provided with key atmospheric event release decision support information to respond optimally to any situation that might arise

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Location of Key Site Features

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The locations of hydrants, master isolation valves, activation controls for fixed fire systems, toxic refuges, and site drain are all stored in Dispersion. There is no limit to the number of customer-specific icons that can be added to the standard library of NFPA symbols.

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The Benefits of Dispersion Modeling Software

Release Types:

  • A chemical liquid pool/spills into gas.
  • A chemical release from a source of pressure.
  • A chemical release from instantaneous pressure vessel/pressure system failure

Locate asset locations within seconds, using Google Maps and determine:

  • Toxicity contours at ground level to determine the impact on your onsite personnel and surrounding population centres.
  • Upper and explosive limits of the cloud formed by the release of chemicals into the atmosphere.
  • Easy Scenario Creation in a minute - In just 30 seconds enter your environmental conditions. Take another 30 seconds to build your chemical release scenario. In a minute you will have calculated the impact of a chemical release on plant personnel and surrounding areas where people live.

Measure and Predict Risk - Using a Google Earth overlay, measure the impact, of gas dispersion on surrounding plant equipment and personnel. This allows you to know where to apply cooling water to prevent escalation.

Calculate Risk - Dispersion gives the user the ability to quickly determine their risk and instantly modify the input variables, such as wind speed, direction and source chemical product.

Supporting the best names in industry

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Single User
IAMDispersion $5.2k
IAMThermal $5.2k
Both Titles $7.8k

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