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SBM Offshore Optimise Operations with iPlanSTO

SBM Offshore choose iPlanSTO to help them plan and execute their Shutdowns, Turnarounds, Outages and TAR events more effectively across all 14 of their on shore and offshore operations.

SBM Offshore

The Brief

SBM Offshore operates the largest worldwide fleet of floating production and storage vessels. There are approximately 4,450 people working for SBM worldwide, across their operational shore bases and offshore fleet of vessels that span the Caribbean, Brazil, West Africa and Southeast Asia.

To help manage and optimise their processes, SBM began searching for a Shutdown, Turnaround, Outage software solution that would help them reduce costs and decrease turnaround time for their critical operations. They assessed numerous solutions before selecting iPlanSTO due to the software’s ease of use and functionality, as well as IAMTech’s open and honest approach.

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The Solution

iPlanSTO has become a key part of SBM Offshore's process in relation to the maintenance and operations of our FPSOs and mooring systems. Every single SBM employee and contract worker are now using the same piece of software to plan and estimate in the same way, in real time, helping to standardise processes across the entire organisation.

As a growing company, it was vital that we selected a robust and scalable solution for managing our complex decommissioning projects.

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