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ThermoFisher - IAMPermit

When Thermo Fisher first contacted IAMTech they were looking for software that would allow them to electronically manage all work control permits in one central location, improve internal communication and increase productivity; IAMPermit was therefore the perfect solution.

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The Brief

Thermo fisher have recently undertaken a major digital transformation of their Swindon lab in order to help minimise errors and produce even better results as well as to ensure they have complete control of the lab and automated records to hand.

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The Solution

Permits are a means of communication between site management, plant supervisors and operators and the resources that carry out the work.

Having permit software will communicate all relevant information (including hazards and controls, such as isolation tags and isolation certificates) to all personnel involved in our safe system of work.

Permit allows you to anticipate operating issues and receive approvals ahead of time – it is clear who is in charge and who does what and when safely.

Permit allows you to administer permits instantly, which brings huge productivity improvement to your maintenance crews’ efficiency straight away, saving wasted, expensive tool-time.

IAMPermit, has allowed us to digitise our safe system of work, the simple to learn interface speeded up our personnels adoption of the software

EHS Manager, ThermoFisher

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