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The most comprehensive Electronic Permit software solution built for industry. Our electronic permit software is easy to use, requires no user training or installation, and can be configured to the specifics of your work control permit process.

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Time Saving

IAMPermit, allows you to administer permits in real time, reducing delays in communication.

Isolations (Lock out Tag out)

IAMPermit comes with a free Isolations module as standard.

Anti-clash capability

See your permits geographically over Google Maps.

Unlimited permit / work types

There is no limit to the number of work (permit) types that can be created.

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Seamlessly administer permits in real time

IAMPermit is packed with features specifically designed to help you manage your permit to work & isolation processes.

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Anti-Clash Capability

Navigate SIMOPS challenges with confidence using our advanced conflict management feature. IAMPermit proactively identifies and addresses potential conflicts among permits, isolations, or JSAs at any given location and time, significantly reducing operational risks.

Job Safety Assessments:

Job safety assessments (JSAs) play a crucial role in managing risks and implementing control measures. By systematically identifying potential hazards associated with specific job tasks, JSAs provide a clear roadmap for mitigating risks before they can manifest into accidents or injuries. JSAs can be linked to a permit, or multiple permits, so the person working under a permit can easily access the risk assessment performed in the JSA.

Electronic Signatures

IAMPermit maintains a permanent record of who by and when the permit has been progressed. Signatures can be added by users at each stage of the permit process, and organizations can choose to make these mandatory or not.


IAMPermit’s Isolations Module enables you to manage the entire isolation and de-isolation process. Unlike many competitors, we include Isolations in our Permit software at zero additional cost.

Permit Issuance and Closure Time

The average time it takes to issue and close permits, helps identify bottlenecks in permit process and ensure work is started and completed in time.

Permit Approval Time

The average time taken for permits to be reviewed and approved. This KPI is essential for evaluation the efficiency of the permit review process and ensuring that projects are not delayed.

Permit Variance

The number of permits deviating from standard procedures or requiring special considerations. Tracking this can help in identifying complex tasks that may need additional safety measures.

Audit and Inspection

IAMPermit records that a compliance check took place, by whom and any comments. Users can record the number of non-compliances during a permit.

Issuing Permits in Real-time

IAMPermit allows for real-time communication between all parties involved in the permit process improving collaboration and reducing delays. Maintenance personnel, permit issuers and acceptors, no longer have to walk back and forth between the permit office and the job location increasing productivity and saving time and money.

Visual Dashboards

Data such as permit status, imminent renewals, and permit counts by contractor, is shown across a range of charts. Each widget can be exported to excel for reporting & further KPI analysis.


Download your permit as a PDF at any stage to print, or physical signatures for sharing via email. Permit attachments will also be printed as part of the permit certificate, e.g. plot plans, photographs, RAMS certificates and method statements.


Seamlessly integrated with Google Maps, IAMPermit enhances visibility into your operational safety processes by enabling the geographical tracking of permits, isolations, and JSA locations through precise pinpoints. Ensure comprehensive oversight with our intuitive mapping capabilities.

Email notifications

IAMPermit uses automated email notifications to drive the permit process and immediately flags any permit status changes to permit controllers via the cloud, reducing maintenance worker downtime.

Permit handovers

If the job cannot be finished in one shift, IAMPermit will present the permit controller with a view allowing the permit to be administered with a clear line of sight, continuing the safe state, and ensuring that clear instructions are available for the next shift.

Data Collection and Management

Improved understanding of your data, no longer offline in paper format. By having it in a online database you improve the quality of your auditing and compliance.

Templates / cloning

This is a favorite feature of our clients as it saves time by allowing them to save permits as a template or clone existing ones for re-use. End-users can then make any necessary changes before sending the permit to be checked.

£34pp per month
  • Interactive help tutorial
  • Free upgrades
  • 24/7 Support
  • Free isolations module

Key benefits of choosing IAMPermit

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Clear view

Instantly determine what work is taking place currently, and what is happening in the next shift.

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Compatible with all devices

IAMPermit is a web-based software solution that can be accessed from any device, so site operators and engineers can check, update or sign onto their permit using their mobile or tablet whilst out in the field.

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Training and interactive tutorials

To get maximum benefit from IAMPermit, we offer training, however there is also an interactive tutorials embedded into the software to guide users through each stage of the permit process.

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“iPlan is really user friendly which is essential for our tradesman on the work-front.”

DIAB Engineering


IAMPermit provides a framework to assist with identifying Hazards & Implementing Controls. With it, you comply with HSG250 & 253, OIAC, OGP, API, APPEA, NOGEPA, NOROG, AS/NZS and NEN/ISO Standards. We are also able to modify the software to precisely match your permit workflow, standard or management procedure.


Administrators can make behind the scenes amendments to the software such as changing their location hierarchy, adding additional permit or isolation types, adding users, modifying access rights and more.

Transparent pricing

Unlike our competitors, we advertise our prices and include hosting upgrades and support. IAMPermit is as capable as the permit software from our competitors and is available for a significantly lower price.

Real time communication

IAMPermit automatically communicates all relevant information to all personnel involved, which brings huge productivity improvement to your maintenance teams' efficiency, saving wasted, expensive tool-time and reducing maintenance worker downtime

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Time Saving

Traditional, paper based, PTW systems introduce periods of delay in the communication, while permits are created, risk-assessed, handed over and executed. IAMPermit, allows you to administer permits in real time, reducing these delays. IAMPermit automatically communicates all relevant information to all personnel involved, bringing huge productivity improvement to your maintenance teams.

Unlimited permit / work types

There is no limit to the number of work (permit) types that can be created. You can also select more than one permit type to cover the work taking place onsite. For each permit type selected, an editable list of risk reduction measures will be displayed for the user to consider. IAMPermit comes preloaded with the below permit types:

  • Asbestos
  • Confined Space
  • Electrical Work
  • General Work
  • Hot Work
  • Lifting Operations
  • Working at Height
  • Your own custom permits
  • Mechanical Lifting
  • Your Own Custom Permits
All features

Isolations (Lock out Tag out)

IAMPermit comes with a free Isolations module which enables you to manage the entire isolation and de-isolation process. Its stage gate check process & isolation procedure checklist widget, support your existing safety management process, ensuring the safe coordination of plant isolations, in accordance with a safe scheme of work.

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Anti-clash capability

Conflict Management capability, reduces risk from SIMOPS by seeing permits geographically over Google Maps. This allows you to avoid site congestion by automatically running an anti-clash test on all permits, warning you if other work is scheduled at the same time for the same location. The map feature shows active permits on site, enabling a visual overview of any clashes, which is particularly useful for SIMOPS planning.

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IAMPermit is as capable as the permit software from Banyard Solutions, Prometheus Group, Wolters Kluwer, GemSoft, Intelex, NISOFT and Yokogawa RAP - available for a significantly lower price

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IAMPermit Pricing

Small $19.5k (Per annum)
Medium $39k (Per annum)
Large $65k (Per annum)
Enterprise $97.5k (Per annum)
Unlimited Permit Types
Cloud Hosting, Software Support, Upgrades Inclusive in subscription Inclusive in subscription Inclusive in subscription Inclusive in subscription
On-screen Interactive Training Tutorial
Isolations Module LOTO (Lockout –Tagout).
Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Module
Active Directory integration Add-on Add-on
Optional cost to have software installed on customers infrastructure Add-on Add-on Add-on
Maximum number of named users 10 100 500 1000
Maximum number of permits 1000 p/m Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
FREE design & build additional Bespoke Permit Certificates - - 2 5
FREE design & build additional dashboard widgets - - 1 3
Training courses (per online course - maximum 10 students per course) $1560 $1560 1 course inc 1 course inc

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