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Altrad Services - IAMAsbestos

Altrad Services are recognised leaders in asbestos remediation with over 30 years’ experience of working across power generation, onshore and offshore oil and gas, and petrochemical refining. Their specialist Asbestos Division utilises IAMAsbestos at its client Lindsey Oil’s, Humberside refinery.

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The Brief

Asbestos removal is a discipline in which safety and expertise are absolute priorities and Altrad therefore always ensures they are using the most up to date technology; which is where IAMTech comes in.

IAMTech are experts in the creation of software to help the oil, gas, power and chemical industries remain compliant with the latest asbestos regulations, while providing a means of quality assurance when recording asbestos locations within the workplace.

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The Solution

IAMAsbestos reduces the risk of exposure to staff and contractors by managing the capturing & sharing of all asbestos data from a single remotely accessed web-based system. The software then uses this data to display all traces of asbestos clearly on a map & generates a risk assessment score that conforms to the HSE guidelines; effectively managing asbestos within the work environment. IAMAsbestos is accessible from any device that has internet access which enables all responsible personnel to fulfil their role in the safe management of this hazardous material.

IAMAsbestos enables Altrad to monitor & analyse all locations at their client’s workplace that are showing signs of asbestos in order to quickly determine if defects will be or have been mitigated by their due date. The software enables them to take control of the all aspects of asbestos (surveys, samples, certification, risk assessment scoring and remedial action planning) all managed within one easy-to-use system.

The asbestos software solution, is just that, a solution - enabling us to effectively control and reduce the hazard for our client

Site Manager, Altrad (Hertel)

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