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Our products include software products for maintenance, shutdowns, turnarounds, outages, permits and isolations, and asbestos management. Coming soon - thermal atmospheric gas dispersion and radiation modeling software.

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Disrupting the industry

We are challenging the status quo by creating software that is 100% tailored to the needs of specific sectors, including the chemical, oil and gas, and pharmaceutical sectors and more.

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iPlan - Shutdown and Maintenance Solutions

iPlan is a comprehensive suite of software tools to help plan and execute your STOs and routine maintenance. Our software and service are so effective that our clients (we refer to them as success partners) tend to stay an awful long time!

For example, back in 2004, BP Chemicals signed up to iPlan. Seventeen years later, BP Chemicals, now INEOS, is still an iPlan customer!

Today, iPlan is used globally, across industrial sectors, including at the world's largest chemical complex, in Australia’s mining industry, at 100+ sites in the UK, and by an entire FPSO fleet for one of the world’s largest offshore energy companies.

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Risk Solutions for Asset-Intensive Industry

Safety is a key objective, and reducing the risk of a safety event is the key to our risk solution.

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A long background in industry

Most of our personnel have worked in industry (for asset owner operators such as Huntsman, DuPont, ICI, Enron, SABIC Sembcorp, and Uniqema) before joining IAMTech

This first-hand industrial knowledge leads to a deeper understanding of your safety concerns, working environment, and high standards. When we make a piece of software, we shape it around the realities of the situation, rather than shoehorning operations into a rigid model. This is why we chose the tagline, ‘Experience, Not Theory’ – it encapsulates our deep-rooted understanding of the industry we support.

About us

Discover how we can help your business

Founded in 1973, IAMTech started as an industrial plant model maker. Over the last 48 years, it has grown into a leading hub for the development of innovative technology solutions for the oil and gas, chemical, and power industries and other asset-intensive industries, including pharmaceutical, mining, public sector, and manufacturing.

We strive to continually build longstanding, transparent relationships with our customers, who we consider partners. Integrity is not just a word on a values poster! We ensure all our partners receive the very best from us: the best software, the best service, the best value.

It is the unique synergy between first-hand industry experience and partnerships with world-leading industrial organizations that enables IAMTech to always understand the technology needs of industry and act as a conduit to share best practices with all of its partners.

This ethos along with our industry-leading commitment to transparency— as the only industrial software provider to publish its software pricing—has enabled us to build our impressive portfolio of products and services, available to you today!