Tucker Energy stand by their ‘safety first value’ by implementing world-class HSE software, IAMPermit

Tucker Energy Service, a leading energy service provider in Trinidad and Tobago, reinforces its commitment to safety with the implementation of IAMPermit, a state-of-the-art Electronic Permit to Work (ePTW) solution from IAMTech. This acquisition aligns perfectly with Tucker Energy's core value of prioritising site safety and ensuring a secure workplace for their most valuable asset - their people.

IAMPermit, recognised globally as a premier safety management software, is designed to streamline the administration of permits in real time, enhancing safety and reducing risk. By integrating IAMPermit into their operations, Tucker Energy ensures the highest levels of compliance and operational excellence.

Fresh from a successful implementation of the software, Tucker Energy stated,

"In our world, this is what excellence looks like! The success of our implementation is a result of excellent project management, a cooperative and committed team, collaboration, great technical experts, respect at all levels, and outstanding support."

Ross Coulman, Managing Director of IAMTech, commented,

"We are excited to partner with Tucker Energy. The team at Tucker have been a pleasure to work with during the implementation process; they are a company that truly values safety and innovation which reflects our own values as an organisation.”

IAMPermit is designed to replace traditional, paper-based PTW systems, eliminating delays in communication and ensuring permits are requested, created, risk-assessed, issued, and executed efficiently. More and more organisations are starting to switch over to ePTW systems to improve safety, compliance and reduce paper waste. By implementing this technology Tucker Energy is ensuring that the organisation is staying ahead of international safety standards whilst making strides towards global net zero targets.

About Tucker Energy

Tucker Energy Services is a leading provider in the energy industry globally with its headquarters in Trinidad and Tobago, dedicated to delivering safe, efficient, and reliable services. With a focus on innovation and safety, Tucker Energy is committed to providing a secure workplace for its employees and maintaining the highest standards in the industry.

About IAMTech

IAMTech is a UK-based industrial software firm specialising in the development of innovative asset management and safety solutions. With a history of collaboration with major industry players, IAMTech's technologies, including IAMPermit, (encompassing Permit, Risk Assessment and Isolation/LOTO Modules) are designed to optimise efficiency, enhance safety, and drive operational excellence across various sectors.

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