IAMTech Wins SME Business of the Year at NEPIC's Prestigious Annual Industry Awards

IAMTech is delighted to announce its recent accolade as the SME Business of the Year, presented by the Northeast of England Process Industry Cluster (NEPIC) during a prestigious ceremony at Hardwick Hall Hotel on March 22, 2024.

Reflecting on the achievement, Ross Coulman, Managing Director of IAMTech, shared,

"Being acknowledged with this award is a validation that our culture and strategy are working. By living our company values we can succeed as an SME in industry. We do not just quote values on posters, we live them, every day. As a team we acknowledge and reward our colleagues for acts of integrity, respect, vision, excellence, empathy, teamwork. Applying this positive culture to every exchange with our industrial customers across the globe has ensured successful project outcomes. This then allows IAMTech to reinvest back in the North-East, employing people, investing in the next generation, and helping local charities and community groups as much as possible!”

Since its inception in 1973, IAMTech has transformed from fabricating industrial plant models to becoming a global authority in industrial software, offering a range of products such as Shutdown, Turnaround, Outage (STO) Software, Permit Software, and at client request produce Bespoke Software Solutions if a product is not available. This journey is a busy one, with ongoing global expansion, proactively expanding our engagement across multiple industrial sectors, and unwavering dedication to innovation.

Unlike all our competitors, we are prepared to advertise our software prices on our website! Our transparency in pricing and exceptional customer service continue to establish us as a trusted partner worldwide.

IAMTech’s position as an industry leader has been bolstered through active participation and thought leadership at international conferences across North America, Europe & the Middle East, reinforcing our contribution to the process sector.

IAMTech's commitment extends beyond business operations to include charitable contributions and fostering a workplace culture that prioritises employee wellness and satisfaction, highlighted by our comprehensive amenities and health initiatives.

A cornerstone of our success is the cultivation of talent, with a focus on guiding graduates to become influential professionals within the industry. Recent company endeavours, such as our inaugural User Conference and strategic team expansion, underscore our dedication to continuous growth and community engagement.

This award is a recognition of IAMTech's dedication to advancing the process industries with key software solutions, marking a significant milestone in our ongoing journey of innovation and excellence.

About IAMTech

IAMTech stands at the forefront of industrial software solutions, servicing key sectors like Oil & Gas, Offshore, Chemical, Mining, Pharmaceutical, EPC Manufacturing, and Power.

Our legacy, dating back to 1973, is built on a foundation of innovative leadership, enduring partnerships, and a commitment to community and industry advancement.

For further information regarding IAMTech's contributions and services, please visit IAMTech.com

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