CF Fertilisers choose iPlan to deliver shutdowns and routine maintenance for all its UK assets in 9 Year Deal

CF has made asset maintenance & plant shutdowns part of their corporate strategy, a critical means to the sustainability of their record production levels

“Within iPlan we identified the following benefits over and above Oracle, Prometheus Group and RoserConsys;

  • Increase tool time on plant by using the same ‘Software Systems’ and workflow for both maintenance and turnarounds.
  • Standardising CF’s approach & reducing CF’s reliance on individuals memories for understanding relationships between pieces of equipment
  • Microsoft’s excel software as a means for individuals to deviate from a standard approach
  • Reduce chances of equipment being missed during a planned downtime window, because the equipment’s process dependency is overlooked / unknown.
  • Improve business continuity from loss of equipment knowledge when personnel leave CF, at the same time through standardisation enable a planner or scheduler to work on more than one plant area.
  • Reduce CF users involved in the maintenance process from having to log in to CF's ERP solution to change work order status.
  • Ensure when a job is closed all learning is captured and presented to CF users when the asset features in a future PM or defect work order.


CF Industries is a leading global fertilizer and chemical company with
outstanding operational capabilities and a highly cost-advantaged
production and distribution platform.
Our 3,000 employees operate world-class manufacturing complexes in Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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