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IAMTech (Industrial Asset Management Technology) was founded in 1973, as industrial plant model makers.

Now a 3rd generation privately owned company, we are extremely proud of the fact that we remain one of the few independent industrial software vendors, with a long history of delivering software solutions to industry.

Our agility enables industrial customers to have a viable alternative to the more expensive, less flexible, software corporations.


50 years in the industry

Founded in 1973, IAMTech started life as industrial plant model makers and over the last 40 years have grown into a leading hub for the development of innovative technology solutions for the Oil, Gas, Chemical and Power industries.

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We work with world-leading industrial organisations

We strive to continually build long standing, transparent relationships with our customers, who we consider partners. Integrity is not just a word on a values poster! We ensure all of our partners receive the very best from us, the best software, the best service, the best value.

Combining our first-hand industry experience with our ever growing number of partnerships with world-leading industrial organisations enables IAMTech to always understand the technology needs of industry, and act as a conduit to share best practices with all of its partners.

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Why choose us

The fact we are the only industrial software provider to publish its software pricing, has enabled us to build our impressive portfolio of products and services, available to you today!

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Our Partnerships

Over our 50 year journey we have met many like minded organisations, who are best in class in their respective fields, please find below some of those organisations we would highly recommend you work with.

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