Ross Coulman of IAMTech to Feature on Geoffrey Cann’s "Digital Oil and Gas" Podcast

IAMTech is excited to announce that Ross Coulman, Managing Director, will be a featured guest on the upcoming episode of the acclaimed podcast "Digital Oil and Gas," hosted by industry expert Geoffrey Cann. The episode is set to be available for viewing on Wednesday, May 8th, on Geoffrey Cann’s Substack Platform.

Ross Coulman, a visionary leader with more than twenty years of experience in asset management and technology solutions, will join Geoffrey to delve into the secrets of successful software installations in the oil and gas industry, using real-world examples. The discussion promises to offer invaluable insights into the intricacies of digital transformation in industrial settings.

Under Ross’s leadership, IAMTech has emerged as a pioneer in simplifying complex processes through innovative technology. The company has notably enhanced operational efficiencies, safety, and compliance across various industries, including oil and gas, chemicals, and power generation. Ross’s expertise and hands-on approach have been central to IAMTech’s global success and reputation as a leader in the asset management technology sector.

Geoffrey Cann, an esteemed consultant and thought leader in digital innovation for the energy sector, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the podcast. His discussions focus on the impact of digital technology on oil and gas and the broader energy industry, making "Digital Oil and Gas" a critical platform for industry professionals.

Episode Details:

About IAMTech: IAMTech is a leading provider of asset management and technology solutions, committed to innovation and excellence in helping industries manage their complex operations more efficiently. With a global client base across multiple sectors, IAMTech continues to drive forward the boundaries of industrial technology development.

About Geoffrey Cann: Geoffrey Cann is a renowned consultant and speaker specialising in digital innovations in the energy sector. His work includes advising companies on digital strategy, hosting the "Digital Oil and Gas" podcast, and authoring articles and books on digital transformation.

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