iPlan Ultimate

Shutdown Turnaround Outage Maintenance Software

Are you frustrated with SAP, Maximo and Primavera managing your maintenance?

iPlan Ultimate allows you to deliver more, in less time, with a reduced overhead. Using our proven maintenance management framework, developed in conjunction with BP, you will be able to effectively manage maintenance in the Oil, Gas, Power and Chemical industries - from your Routine Maintenance program to your Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages at your chemical process plants, oil refineries, offshore oil and gas platforms and power stations.

iPlan Planning Dashboard

Shutdown Turnaround Outage Maintenance Software - Ultimate Benefits

iPlan Ultimate will take you and your maintenance event through key stage gates, reducing the risk of poor:

  • scope management
  • resource management
  • cost control
  • equipment knowledge retention

De-risk delivery of your maintenance event by determining if scope is achievable with the time period allotted to an event using the Monte Carlo Risk model, saving undertaking detailed planning for activities that should not be included in the scope.

Measure your plant maintenance against The KPI Institute's Top 25 Maintenance KPIs

All maintenance key stages can be managed via an electronic approval process, including: job detailing, estimation management, materials ordering, variation control, progress recording and time recording through to quality assurance, which means that all event information exists in one system and is not spread across multiple systems.

Ultimate produces multi-discipline work packs, which can include but are not limited to: job cards, permits, vessel entry and risk assessments, ensuring those performing the work are equipped with the necessary permissions for it to be performed safely.

Ultimate has the ability to retain all historical equipment records/work packs. This history can be reutilised time and time again, reducing the time involved in re-planning.

Workpack example

Shutdown Turnaround Outage Maintenance Software - Further Benefits

The Norms and schedules of rates within Ultimate enable rapid estimation and can be fine-tuned based upon evaluating the learning from previous event activity.

IAMTech's mobile apps allow users to benefit from the functionality of Ultimate in the field, capturing defect data, quality assurance, progress, expenditure and emerging works.

To deliver maximum value, Ultimate enables both the Asset Owner and their Maintenance Partners to share the same plan, ensuring all those involved are contributing to and delivering the same scope of work via a standardised workflow, which has been developed in conjunction with BP.

With a proven in-built planning methodology and workflow, Ultimate makes it easy for professionals to perform to consistently high standards.

In using Ultimate, Asset Owners and Contractors will save significant time and money due to the efficiencies created in using software that has been designed specifically for oil, gas, chemical and power maintenance.

Accompanying Ultimate's workflow is the ability to store any ancillary materials within a given event , such as drawings, photographs and documentation.

With an unlimited number of seats to an Ultimate license, users can access and update the software onsite or remotely with varying levels of access.

Life of a Job

Montecarlo Risk Model

Why plan to fail? We regularly see clients trying to undertake scope not achievable in the time the plant is due to be switched off. iPlan Ultimate allows its users to evaluate if their chosen scope is achievable in the time the plant is going to be switched off by using the Monte Carlo Risk model prior to detailed planning (and the expense of detailed planning) - enabling you to quickly select and deselect maintenance activities on the basis of cost, risk and impact, determining the optimum amount of scope that can be achieved in the time the plant is switched off.

Measure productivity using Lean Six Sigma methodology

Understand in an instant the productivity of your event, taking into account non-productive time activities when determining your maintenance crew's productivity ratio using the Lean Six Sigma methodology - learn more about this by watching our recent webinar below.

Live Key Performance Indicator dashboards

Our KPI dashboards have been developed in accordance with the KPI Institute's Top 25 Maintenance KPI's (www.smartkpis.com) - allowing plant owners and operators to quickly understand such factors as: Maintenance Backlog, Preventative Maintenance, % PM Cost, % Scheduled Compliance, % Emergency Repairs, Time Between Failures, Downtime, % Maintenance Cost, % Corrective Repairs, % Scoped Work, % Unscoped Work

Work Pack Generation

Still paying an outside contractor thousands of pounds to generate your work packs? Use iPlan Ultimate and do them yourself to save time and substantial costs. If you are repeating the job in the next couple of years, then reuse your historical work packs, complete with any activities, resources, estimates, risk assessments, drawings, photographs, permits and method statements that you used the first time round!

iPlan KPI Dashboard


iPlan Ultimate boasts a series of inbuilt Norms for Mechanical, Lagging, Valve Repair, E&I and Scaffold work types. Using norms to estimate enables semi-skilled/less experienced resources to be able to accurately estimate activities in these work types without having to have first-hand knowledge of durations.

Job Template Library

Utilise the iPlan Ultimate 'Job Template Library' to ensure uniformity when detailing maintenance jobs and rapidly estimate entire events by sorting work lists by equipment type and assigning a standard template for each equipment type. This has proven to reduce planning effort by upwards of 78% for clients who had to determine scope and deliver a shutdown only 10 weeks after going live with iPlan Ultimate!

Live data back from the plant

Using our suite of industrial mobile apps, you can get key data back from the plant live, increasing the safety and productivity of workforces, while at the same time capturing problems in their infancy before they escalate.

Workpack Contents

Knowledge retention

Understand your event progress, risks, spend and productivity with the iPlan Ultimate management dashboard. See instantly how well a maintenance job is being prepared and how well the planning is progressing. Our flexible reporting will allow for headline information of a collection of events through to micro detail for individual jobs.


Achieve industrial maintenance excellence with our easy-to-use planning and scheduling tool. There's no greater expense than a minor problem becoming a plant start-up delay because of bad planning. iPlan Ultimate will prevent you from losing control of an event by enforcing regular stage gate check points.

Free yourself to deal with emerging works

No longer do you have to chase the progress status of bulk items, freeing yourself to plan and tackle emerging works.

Budget Accountability

No more querying the final invoice. See who authorised what and when - iPlan Ultimate allows the user to manage all the maintenance key stages, including: job sketching and detailing, estimation, materials ordering, estimate approval, variation control, progress recording, time recording, expenditure recording and quality assurance prior to commissioning a plant.

iPlan Ultimate can also be integrated with our wider ISSOW (Integrated Safe System of Work) for gathering information from your assets on site with the use of our intrinsically safe explosion-proof devices.