Scope & Measure allows you to increase your maintenance team safety and productivity by enabling supervisors to spend more time on site and less time at their desks updating paperwork.

Scope & Measure Benefits

Supervisors can capture information on site, such as how much time their personnel are spending on various jobs.

They can capture both team/gang or individuals stats which will allow you to instantly identify the most productive personnel and those who require monitoring.

Easily record different types of time - normal, overtime, holiday etc.

Record measures - record and see live progress within any job, such as scaffold and insulation, marked as % complete.

Time saved working in the field allows you to remain in the field to monitor the progress and safety of personnel and their activities.

When online is available via 3G/4G or site Wi-Fi, data is uploaded to the server and instantly available for review - with your data displayed in customisable dashboards.

Scope & Measure in use on site

The definition of Supervisor is as follows: 'a person who supervises a person or an activity'.

If your supervisors are in the office recording progress and expenditure, then they are not on site, which means they are not able to supervise their people or the activities being performed.

Scope & Measure is the perfect software tool to improve efficiency, time management and monitor individual and gang stats in the Oil, Gas, Power and Chemical industries and can be used in both intrinsic and non-intrinsic environments, complemented by our hardware. The software has been designed to run with or without internet connectivity.

When working on an industrial site, recording actual time, expenditure and 'percentage complete' against certain tasks, such as scaffolding and insulation, tends to take place by supervisors completing paperwork away from the job sites, back in their offices.

Can be integrated with iPlan Ulimate, iPlan STO and iPlan Maintain.

Scope & Measure in use on site

World leading industrial mobile software solutions.

Scope & Measure is designed to be used 'live' in the field, reducing the duplication of effort by supervisors, preventing them from having to record by hand and then, later in the day, input the data into a spreadsheet.

By using Scope & Measure, supervisors can therefore spend less time in the portakabin or office and more time on the field monitoring the progress, productivity and most importantly the safety of their personnel.

Scope & Measure can be fully integrated as part of our ISSOW (Integrated Safe System of Work).