Industrial process plants - such as oil refineries, chemical processing plants and power generation plants, all have one thing in common; they are all required to regularly and accurately capture and record various readings from gauges and monitors of their assets. Monitor is ideal for assets in the oil, gas, power and chemical industries - this is fit-for-purpose compliance software.

Monitor - on site

Monitor Benefits

Monitor feeds all readings into a management dashboard, giving you real-time machine status, as well as total visibility and accountability.

Information is shared between the plant operators, control room and senior management instantly.

Monitor eliminates the need for a paper-based register with the benefit of highlighting failures ahead of time.

All data captured in Monitor is displayed in an easy-to-read and filter dashboard, enabling an extra layer of quality assurance – it allows you to highlight trends before any accidents or incidents occur.

Monitor can be used with complimentary technology, such as barcoding, QR and RFID tagging.

Monitor - Gauge

IAMTech are experts in industrial asset management software solutions.

Monitor can be fully integrated as part of our ISSOW (Integrated Safe System of Work).

Refineries, Petrochemical Plants, Chemical Plants, Offshore Platforms, Onshore Terminals and Power Stations have been required to increase production capacity over the last few decades, but have generally been provided with few upgrades to existing equipment to accommodate this increased requirement.

This has placed an increased amount of pressure on the operating units. Higher pulsating pressures and heavy mechanical vibrations are affecting all the areas of process equipment, especially instrumentation.

What makes Monitor so powerful is that the readings that are taken are fed through a management dashboard, so you can look at all the historic readings and determine if you have systems faults.