Q3 2018

Isolations is software designed specifically for the oil, gas, power and chemical industries.

Isolations allows you to validate safety-critical valve positions against the live state of your plant, helping you to comply fully with HSG253, 'The Safe Isolation of Plant and Equipment'.

Isolations Benefits

Isolations facilitates barcode tag labels, RFID tag identification technology and QR codes, ensuring a further means of quality assurance in your Lock Open, Lock Close (LOLC) processes and procedures.

Users are able to upload specified isolation points in order for the plant engineer to locate and approve the isolation points, ensuring full accountability.

Information is shared between plant operators, control rooms and senior management instantly.

Isolations eliminates errors caused by your existing paper-based processes.


IAMTech are experts in fit-for-purpose software for the oil, gas, power and chemical industries.

Isolations helps you control the removal of blank and blinds for the isolation, purging, flushing and pressure testing of plant process systems.

Isolations maintains a record of all equipment, their isolation points and the isolation procedure alongside photographs, drawings and diagrams.

Isolations supports the de-isolation procedure in a similar manner.

Isolations can also be integrated with our ISSOW (Integrated Safe System of Work).